Castroville Texas Municipal Airport

Here’s all the advantages to flying into Castroville’s Municipal Airport.
Here’s 6 reasons why it’s cheaper and less of a hassle flying into Castroville’s Municipal Airport.
  • Fuel. JetA averages 45% less than other regional airports including SAT. AVGAS is slightly lower compared to surrounding airports.
  • No Landing Fees.
  • No TSA.
  • No need for a rental car as 2 free SUV courtesty cars are available upon request.
  • Just 22 minutes from downtown San Antonio.
  • Meet right at the airport. Our conference room seats 18 to 20 with WiFi, projector and large screen.

    For Details on the airport go to:
    City of Castroville Airport Page

    To Contact the airport directly:
    Airport Manager, or call 830-538-2782

    For Food & Lodging

    Runway 5,001 X 75”
    Fuel 10DLL - Self Service
    Jet Fuel - Full Service
  • And here’s all the exciting new additions at the airport.
  • SkyDive Castroville has made us their home base.
  • Castroville is now home to Dream Flights.
  • 6 new Executive hangars.
  • A 9 Nested unit with 8 T-hangars and 1 Jet pod, wholly funded by the USDA will be completed in the fall of 2022.
  • Another USDA funded hangar is planned after the 1st hangar is completed.
  • An inviting new pilot’s lounge is now open with Wifi, cable, refrigerator & coffee and sodas available.

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